a.k.a. Rose Hill Revitalization Plan

Take advantage of the Rose Hill Revitalization Plan and receive a very generous property tax rebate* corresponding to the increase in appraised value resulting from property improvement or new construction.

Approved construction must be completed within one year. Tax abatement stays with property (transferable to new owner).

Property owners interested in participating in the Rose Hill Neighborhood Revitalization Plan must have prior approval from the City before construction begins.

To be considered for tax abatement, property owners must complete PART 1 of the application and submit it to the Rose Hill City Building Official along with a $25 nonrefundable application fee payable to the City of Rose Hill. Preliminary approval will be granted or denied within 15 days.

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*Of note – 5% of the tax corresponding to the increase in appraised value will be retained by the Butler County Clerk’s office to cover administrative costs associated with the revitalization plan. **Larger construction projects will only receive abatement up to $275,000.

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